Multivehicle Crash on I-95 Caused by Failed Big Rig U-Turn

Multivehicle Crash on I-95 Caused by Failed Big Rig U-Turn

Authorities from St. Johns County, Florida have reported a multivehicle crash on the I-95 on Monday, January 25th, 2021. At least four people suffered serious injuries in the collision, which has been blamed on a big rig that failed to complete a U-turn.

Just after 8:00 PM, a tractor-trailer on the inside lane tried to make a U-turn into opposing traffic. A vehicle traveling behind the commercial truck hit the back right tire before ricocheting into adjacent lanes, starting a chain-reaction crash that ultimately caught three more vehicles in it. Serious injuries have been reported in all four people who were in the first two vehicles of the multivehicle crash. Drivers and passengers in the last two vehicles were apparently unharmed and did not seek medical attention.

Florida Highway Patrol closed the I-95 for several hours while the truck accident was under investigation. The definitive cause of the accident has not yet been determined, or it has not been released to the public yet. Although, it is assumed that the truck driver will be primarily liable for the crash because of the failed U-turn that seemingly blocked traffic behind it.

How to Sue for a Multivehicle Truck Accident

Multivehicle accident claims are tricky. Those that involve a commercial truck are even more complicated. The people affected by this reported crash can likely bring a claim against the truck driver and the trucking company that employs them. But they should be prepared for complexities caused by the numerous vehicles involved, which will convolute liability.

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