What You Need to Know to Stay Safe By Large Commercial Trucks

What You Need to Know to Stay Safe By Large Commercial Trucks

Large commercial trucks are a staple on the highways. They travel from state to state, delivering goods to stores and more. And while a large majority of truck drivers are safe, there are some who violate industry regulations and can cause significant harm. Drivers should know the various ways that truck drivers can become dangerous and how to stay safe around them.

Here are some of the things you need to know so that you can stay safe:

  • Trucks need more time to stop, especially if they’re over their weight capacity.
  • Trucks that are not well maintained can be significantly dangerous.
  • Truck drivers who are swerving may be violating industry regulations.
  • Trucks have a wide turn radius, so give them enough space.

Trucks Need More Time to Stop

Trucks have weight restrictions in order to ensure that they are safe for the driver and others on the road. Even under the weight limit, large commercial trucks have a tougher time stopping, so it’s always a good idea to give them space.

If trucks exceed the weight limits, they’re violating an industry regulation. Not only that, but they become even more dangerous on the road. The excess weight can make stopping in time nearly impossible, increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

Trucks Need to Be Well Maintained

Every truck in a fleet should be properly maintained to ensure they are safe for travel. This means checking the brakes, tires, steering system, engine, hitch, and more. Trucking companies must address any problems they see and repair them to keep drivers and others safe.

If a truck isn’t maintained, severe collisions can arise, and multiple parties can be held accountable. It’s important to get legal counsel quickly to determine if lack of maintenance was the cause of a crash and who may be held liable for damages.

Truck Drivers May Violate Industry Regulations

Truck drivers are held to the same standards on the road in some regard. Don’t drive under the influence, avoid distractions, and follow all laws. However, there are additional regulations that truck drivers must follow, such as how long they’re able to drive before they need to take a break. If they drive beyond those hours, they are violating the Hours of Service regulations.

A fatigued truck driver can be just as dangerous as a drunk or distracted one. They can cause the same level of harm and a potentially catastrophic injury.

Trucks Have a Wide Turn Radius

Trucks need a lot of space to operate, including when they are making turns. Typically, whether you are behind the truck, next to it, or on a perpendicular street at an intersection, it’s always wise to give the truck a good amount of space to make its turn. If they don’t have enough space, it could result in a severe crash.

The takeaway: Give truck drivers plenty of space and pay close attention to how they’re acting. If you notice that a truck driver may be negligent, call and report them to local authorities and stay clear of them.

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