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Back Injury

After a trial, we obtained a verdict of 3.5 million for our client that sustained low back injuries requiring two surgeries and a lifetime of pain management.

Semi-Truck Accident

Our client was involved in a commercial vehicle accident which led to spinal fusion surgery requiring a spinal cord stimulator.

Long-Term Injuries

We obtained a $2.5 million verdict for our client that suffered a fractured arm and leg, necessitating surgery, as well as spinal injuries requiring long-term pain management for spinal injuries.

Auto Accident

We obtained a verdict for our client who sustained spinal injuries in an accident that required spinal fusion surgery.

Auto Accident

We obtained a $1.95 million verdict for a client who sustained spinal injuries in an auto accident which required a lifetime of pain management and need for future surgery.

Motorcycle Crash

Our client was involved in a motorcycle crash and sustained injuries. We were able to recover $1,450,000.

Commercial Vehicle Accident

Our client was involved in a commercial vehicle accident and sustained injuries. We were able to recover $1,300,000.

Product Liability

Our client sustained injuries due to a faulty product. We were able to recover $1,000,000

Semi-Truck Accident

$1.0 Million
We recovered for our client injured in an accident resulting in shoulder and spinal injuries.

Slip & Fall Injury

$1.0 Million
We recovered for our client who was injured in a fall at an apartment complex.


Tips for Motorcycle Riders & Drivers

Motorcycle accidents can result in injury or death for riders and drivers alike. It is important for motorcycle riders and drivers to share the road to keep everyone safe. Whether you’re a motorcyclist or motorist, it is worth it to take a moment and review some basic motorcycle accident prevention tips.

Do Not Lane-Split Where Prohibited

Motorcycle riders should avoid lane-splitting where it is prohibited, as doing so can significantly increase the risk of an accident. Lane-splitting occurs when a motorcyclist rides between two lanes of moving traffic, which is unlawful or illegal in every state but California. Lane-splitting can be dangerous because another motorist will not expect a motorcycle to be right between their car and the next vehicle over, so they may not take the proper precautions to avoid colliding with it. Additionally, lane-splitting can make it impossible for a motorcyclist to react to sudden changes in traffic or road conditions, like a pothole, which can increase the risk of a crash.

Stay Fully Alert – No Distractions

To prevent motorcycle accidents, both drivers and motorcyclists need to be fully aware of the surrounding environment while on the road. Motorcycles are smaller and faster than other vehicles, so riders must be especially vigilant to not linger in the blind spots of cars and trucks. Drivers should also be mindful of nearby motorcycles and take extra caution when approaching or overtaking them because even the slightest tap can cause a motorcycle to tip and crash.

Keep Music Levels Low

Motorcycle riders should avoid playing loud music with their headphones while on the road, as it can inhibit their ability to hear traffic and other potential hazards around them. Music in headphones can easily drown out the sound of approaching vehicles or emergency sirens which can be critical to staying safe on the road. Additionally, loud music can also distract a rider’s focus away from the environment and driving conditions, leading to dangerous decisions such as sudden lane changes or speeding.

Careful When Turning Left

Drivers should double-check for approaching motorcycles before turning left at an intersection without a green arrow. Since motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, they can be harder to spot in traffic and can easily be blocked from view by larger vehicles. Additionally, motorcyclists may be going faster than cars due to their greater acceleration capabilities, which makes it difficult to accurately gauge the distance as a motorcycle approaches head-on. For these reasons, drivers should take extra care when making left turns at intersections without a green arrow. Similarly, motorcycle riders should always keep their headlights on, even during the day, because it helps improve visibility.

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