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Back Injury

After a trial, we obtained a verdict of 3.5 million for our client that sustained low back injuries requiring two surgeries and a lifetime of pain management.

Semi-Truck Accident

Our client was involved in a commercial vehicle accident which led to spinal fusion surgery requiring a spinal cord stimulator.

Long-Term Injuries

We obtained a $2.5 million verdict for our client that suffered a fractured arm and leg, necessitating surgery, as well as spinal injuries requiring long-term pain management for spinal injuries.

Auto Accident

We obtained a verdict for our client who sustained spinal injuries in an accident that required spinal fusion surgery.

Auto Accident

We obtained a $1.95 million verdict for a client who sustained spinal injuries in an auto accident which required a lifetime of pain management and need for future surgery.

Motorcycle Crash

Our client was involved in a motorcycle crash and sustained injuries. We were able to recover $1,450,000.

Commercial Vehicle Accident

Our client was involved in a commercial vehicle accident and sustained injuries. We were able to recover $1,300,000.

Product Liability

Our client sustained injuries due to a faulty product. We were able to recover $1,000,000

Semi-Truck Accident

$1.0 Million
We recovered for our client injured in an accident resulting in shoulder and spinal injuries.

Slip & Fall Injury

$1.0 Million
We recovered for our client who was injured in a fall at an apartment complex.


Blind Spots Cause Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks have large blind spots or “no-zones” surrounding them. These areas are places where the truck driver can’t see cars, no matter how they try to look for them. For smaller vehicles to help prevent truck accidents, they need to stay out of these blind spots. This means avoiding staying directly beside or behind a truck, especially for long periods, as this can cause the truck driver to miss them in their mirrors. Additionally, truck drivers must communicate their intent to change lanes or merge by using their indicators in advance, giving smaller vehicles enough time to get out of the way. By following these simple tips to stay out of truck blind spots and being aware of their surroundings, smaller vehicles can help prevent accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.

Keep Track of Open Lanes

When driving on highways or busy roads, drivers need to be aware of the traffic in adjacent lanes, especially if they are driving close to commercial trucks. By paying attention to adjacent lanes, drivers will be ready to make quick defensive maneuvers, such as swerving or braking, to avoid getting into a truck accident. Stay aware of your surroundings, and you can help keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Always Follow Traffic Laws

Obeying traffic laws is crucial for both drivers and truck drivers to avoid accidents and ensure road safety. Traffic laws such as speed limits and stopping at stop signs are put in place to regulate the flow of traffic and minimize the risk of accidents. By following these laws, drivers and truck drivers can minimize their chances of being involved in a collision.

Careful Control of Commercial Trucks

Truck drivers operate heavy and often oversized vehicles, which means that they require more space to maneuver and stop than passenger vehicles. They must be aware of their vehicle’s speed and weight limits and must comply with them to prevent accidents.


From all of us at The Law Offices of Ron Sholes, P.A., we hope that these tips help you stay safe whenever you are on the road near commercial trucks. If you or a loved one are ever injured in a truck accident in Florida, then please know that we’re always standing by to offer our professional legal counsel and representation. Call (855) 933-3881 whenever you need us.

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