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VAX-D Therapy for Severe Back Pain

VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression) may bring relief without drugs or surgery.

Four out of five Americans are afflicted by low back pain some time during their lives. Low back pain is the leading cause for disability for people under 45. Back pain can severely affect our lives by preventing us from enjoying the things we like to do most. If your low back pain does not resolve itself in six to eight weeks with bed rest, medications or physical therapy, you need to look to other medical treatment for relief. Until recently there has not been an effective risk-free remedy to relieve chronic low back pain. In the past, the majority of individuals faced surgery and the rest just suffered.

Disc Herniation

The first cause is a disc herniation. There are different varieties of disc herniation such as ruptures or bulging discs. The discs in your back are similar to the tires on your car. Your disc has a soft center which is similar to the air in your tire, and a tough outer ring, like the tire itself, acting to keep the soft center in place. A herniation is when the tough outer ring is no longer holding the soft center in place. The center of the disc is called the nucleus pulosus, and the tough outer ring is called the annulus bibrosis. In the early stages the disc can bulge like a bubble on your tire. Later, with continued stress and injury, the bulging disc can break through the outer ring resulting in a rupture.

Using your tire analogy, when you have a herniation, either the outer ring or the soft center of your disc presses up against a nerve. This situation can cause pain or numbness in the buttocks, leg or even the foot.

Disc Degeneration and Facet Pain

The second cause of low back pain is a degenerated or thinning disc. Again, going back to our tire example: visualize deflating your tires from 60-psi to 20-psi. Not a very smooth ride, is it? A degenerated or thinning disc is a disc that is drying out by losing its fluids. This happens to all of us over time. Unfortunately, it happens to some of us faster than others. When discs begin to thin out, it causes stiffness or loss of motion between two or more vertebrae.

Our discs get their fluids through movement of the vertebrae. By the time we reach age 20, the only way a disc gets fluid is through motion that creates a vacuum to draw fluids and vital nutrients into the disc. When our back gets stiff we cannot create the vacuums to bring fluid and nutrients into the disc. So once a disc begins this thinning process, you can see that it only gets worse without proper medical attention.

The third problem causing low back pain is facet syndrome. Facets are the joints of the spine. These joints can jam and lock causing irritation of the nerves or surrounding tissues. If these joints are locked or jammed for a long time, it can cause the process of disc degeneration to occur. Remember that discs get their fluid through motion, and if our joints are locked, that prevents motion.

Why Does Back Pain Come and Go?

When the damage is minimal, it is much easier to repair.

In the beginning stages of disc and joint problems, we can stress or strain our backs by doing simple things like sitting or standing too long. The joints and nerves get irritated. We use a little ice, take some over-the-counter pain medication and the pain goes away. As time goes on, the simple things we do everyday and gravity compress the discs. This begins the cycle of pain, relief, and pain. At this point we begin the downward spiral of more and more pain. As our spines tighten and we lose mobility, we continue to slow the process of transferring essential fluids to our discs. As the discs receive less and less fluid, they deteriorate faster. As the discs deteriorate faster, the pain comes more frequently. In the end we notce a sharp stabbing pain not related to any particular movement. After the back pain is constant, in most cases bed rest, medications, exercise or stretching will not end your constant suffering.

When pain becomes constant.

The first signs of pain coming and going were the early warning signs that your back was on the path to serious problems. When back pain becomes constant your spine has a serious problem. The pain comes from constant pressure on irritated nerves.

Common Questions Regarding Low Back Pain

What if my doctor mean when he says I have muscle pain? If you see your physician regarding the first instance of low back pain, your pain could be related to muscular stress or strain. If your pain is not gone in 48 hours, it might be related to a more serious problem. If the pain continues, you should contact your physician or one of the doctors at the VAX-D Medical Centers.

When is surgery on the low back necessary? There are some conditions which cannot be treated by VAX-D. If you have a problem directly related to a fracture or a tumor, surgery may be the only option. Even if one doctor recommended surgery, it is advisable to seek a second opinion. Having VAX-D today will not prevent you from seeking other medical options; however, if you have surgery, you can create a situation that limits your future options. In the six years since VAX-D's introduction, there have been no reported cases of a patient being injured. VAX-D, by design, is very safe, and the patient remains in constant control of the treatment from beginning to end.

Why is my pain constant? Usually, constant low back pain started with a simple back ache or stiffness. The problem is that you did not listen to the early warning signs. Some people try and “work through” the problem, and they are doing is really making matters worse. The pain is associated to pressure on irritated nerves. To end the pain, you must take pressure off the nerves and allow the irritation to heal. VAX-D can do that for you.

Should I be taking muscle relaxants or other pain medications? In the very early stages of low back pain, medications are very helpful. After the initial period, the pain medication could be covering up a developing problem. By covering up a problem, you could be fooling yourself. By the time the pain medication no longer hides the pain, your back problems may require serious attention. In most cases, VAX-D can still be helpful. For individuals currently taking addictive narcotic medications, VAX-D can end your dependence on these drugs and begin the healing process on your lower back.

Why does some pain start all of a sudden? Some people can injure a perfectly pain-free back with a force. Auto collisions, bad falls, and forceful movements are examples of how back pain can begin. Not all forceful movements are the results of injuries. A forceful movement can include a strong tennis serve or a hard golf swing. In most cases, however, there was an underlying weakness waiting to surface. No matter what the cause of your back pain, if you have it for more than 48 yours, you need to contact a physician.

What is VAX-D? VAX-D is a comprehensive treatment for dealing with the specific problems that cause low back pain and associated leg pain and numbness. The comprehensive VAX-D treatment focuses on the VAX-D therapeutic table. The table is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The comprehensive treatment includes not only getting you better, but also giving you the tools and support to prevent future back pain. In the past, the only way to relieve pressure on a nerve if you didn't get better with bed rest, medications or physical therapy was surgery. Comprehensive VAX-D has none of the risks associated with surgery.

VAX-D Therapeutic Table Image

VAX-D Therapeutic Table: The image on the left shows an escaped disc material from herniated disc impinges on nerves. The image on the right shows nutrients, moisture and oxygen enrich the disc environment and the decompression helps pull disc material back into place.

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